Sunday, May 18, 2014

New ZTE Nubia W5 Windows Phone

LG Electronics may release Windows Phone called Uni8, now ZTE company can release Windows phone ZTE Nubia W5.

It is expected that Nubia W5 get a 4 cores Snapdragon processor 801, 3GB of RAM, 64 GB of flash memory, 13-megapixel main camera with optical image stabilization system, support for 4G-networks and incredibly powerful battery. The size of the smartphone is not yet known, there is no doubt that the device falls into the top-end segment.

Apart from LG and ZTE to the list of Microsoft partners to produce smartphones on Windows Phone, recall includes brands such as Lenovo, Foxconn, Gionee, Karbonn and Xolo. In addition, there is a chance that they would return to their development based on Windows Phone and the former partners Huawei and HTC. After a long break has released a new WP-smartphone and Samsung - it has become a model Huron. There were also rumors that Microsoft is declining to its platform, another leading player - Sony.

Also unknown the release date of this phone.

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