Monday, May 26, 2014

New hard disk drive Buffalo HD-PGDU3

Interface USB 3.0 has more bandwidth so that traditional external HDD is unable to use it fully. Partly solve the problem of solid state drives, but they are still much more expensive while their magnetic counterparts. Nevertheless, manufacturers continue to seek ways to improve the performance of hard drives.

As an option - installation on an external drive intermediate cache, which is temporarily stored information when transferring files to / from your computer, laptop or other device. Buffalo to take full advantage of this opportunity to fit in its new product, HD-PGDU3, a gigabyte of fast DDR3-memory.

When disk working HD-PGDU3 uses DDR3-memory as a cache, which instantly fall (most copied) data. Then the files are moved to the hard drive in the background. It is noteworthy that the information is not removed from the cache even in the event of a power drive - it manufacturer has provided a small battery, which is enough to avoid losing data in the absence of electricity. For the convenience of users on HD-PGDU3 has LED-battery indicator.

In volume terms, the HD-PGDU3 available in two versions with 500 GB and 1 TB of storage space. This is a very interesting construction.

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