Saturday, May 17, 2014

Company Pioneer could write 256 GB of data on a compact disk

Sony and Panasonic announced the availability of new standards for storing data on optical media Archival Disc, which allows you to hold onto disks, at least 300 GB of information. Now, they were joined by Pioneer, offering its own way of writing is much greater than the capacity of Blu-ray discs.

According to a press release from the new technology allows you to record on one optical disk with at least 256 GB of information on one side. Pioneer approach differs from the traditional method of application data when recording and guide layers are on one line. Pioneer managed to place layers one above the other (eight).

Because each layer can store 32 GB of data, just put a new disk 256 GB. And if you use double-sided discs, then the capacity of the media to increase to 512 GB. Moreover, Pioneer promises to develop in the near future 12-layer discs and bring the disc capacity up to 1TB.

It is noteworthy that Pioneer drives are compatible with the specifications of Blu-ray, so to work with them do not need to modify any new hardware or software. Suffice it to only update existing players fresh firmware. They are much cheaper than hard drive.

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