Friday, April 25, 2014

New design of iPhone 6

New information about design of iPhone 6.

Smartphone specificationa are previously described. Also was noted, that the release is delayed. In this article will be described case shape.

Apple iPhone 6 will receive a rounded edge of the case, making it more comfortable grip grown significantly compared to the iPhone 5/5s/5c smartphone. Its shape will resemble the cover of the Japanese company Squair for existing iPhone models.

Also new iPhone 6 will get something similar to the Samsung GALAXY S III design features. He is slightly curved at the edges of the display glass - for greater harmony with the new body.

Apple will refuse glass inserts on the back surface, that is used here is a new type of antennas for wireless modules.

Don't forget, that design can change before official release of phone.

But manufacturers are made a covers for this phone, so we can assume that the design will not change dramatically.

Phone specifications likely remain the same.

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