Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Floating in the air 3D display from Apple company

A few days ago Apple has received a patent for a three-dimensional display, the image being projected in the air.

Users do not need  the 3D-glasses, because the picture is generated by a special projector system of mirrors and lenses. A built-in laser sensors allow you to control the hologram by gestures.

Apple developers have used various existing playing technologies of creating pseudo hologram.

Technology is contains of 3 parts: display system, which creates a primary 3D-image; an optical system that converts it into a 3D-image of the second level in the air; set of sensors that record data input by the user. The support system includes a data processing unit and control circuits to provide feedback.

Before it, Japanese developers have created a screen, which is float in the air, and you can move, touch  objects that are on the screen. The technology is based on sensors that are sensitive to the movement of hands, and the movement is automatically transferred to the processing. It's similar technology.

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