Monday, April 21, 2014

How to properly charge the iPhone and iPad

Charging of mobile devices for active users has become a daily necessity. Sellers are advised to charge accumulators only when the battery is completely exhausted. Is it right?

Actually needed to charge battery not more than 50%. Always hard to keep an eye on this, so identified optimal range of 40-80% charge level. Each rechargeable battery cell has a particular load. This load is directly proportional to the level of charge: the higher the charge - the greater the load. A load is known to lead to depletion of the productive resources. It is therefore desirable to charge mobile devices up to 100% charge.

Battery is constantly charged at 100% charge level works only 300-500 cycles, while battery charge up to 40-80% will working about 1200-2000 cycles. Also don't forget about type of battery, because different types of batteries needed to threat differently with it's. These advices are usable for most types of batteries for electronics.

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