Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Future iPad and iPhone will be has multi window

After a preliminary version of iOS 8 placed at the disposal of developers began to appear curious details about the functions of the future operating system for the new iPad and iPhone. In particular, the famous author of the programs under iOS, discovered in the bowels of new items code, confirming the existence of a split-screen mode.

Withdrawal applications in two different windows at the same time allows to solve some problems, and quickly move data between programs. Such a function is found in the top Android-and Windows-based devices (eg smart phone Galaxy Note 3 tablet Galaxy Note 10.1). Obviously, Apple also expects to implement a similar feature in their future devices.

At the moment, split-screen mode in iOS 8 allows to divide the screen in proportions of 50% to 50% and 25% to 75%. However, by the time the final release it may vary. Definitely, this function will be claimed by the owners iPad. However, the owners of iPhone 6 will also be able to test it in action, especially given the fact that Apple may release a version of the smartphone with 5.5-inch screen. But its unknown, can users setup this version of operating system on existing iPads and phones.

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