Sunday, June 1, 2014

Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2: compact USB-sound card

Creative sound particularly well known owners of computers with experience. Since time immemorial, the company's products has a reputation. However, in today's realities manufacturer feels quite confident releasing interesting novelties. One of them was a compact external sound card Sound Blaster Play! 2.

The new map is in the form of a small USB-device, which is connected to the corresponding port on your computer or laptop. Especially appreciate the owners of this device cost machines that are not traditionally set the highest quality audio components. Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2 provides a realistic reproduction of the sound pattern and volume, as well as recording audio stream without interference, such as podcasts or video conferencing.

Card Sound Blaster Play! 2 is compatible with all analog headsets and headphones. It is equipped with technology SBX Pro Studio and allows complete customization of the sound from the control panel and upload audioprofili for specific brands of headphones. In addition, especially for gamers implemented proprietary technology Scout Mode, which, according to the developers, you can hear the enemy before he notices you.

Also other feature worth mentioning software Creative Alchemy, restores surround sound in games.

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